About Us

Hello! From Tails a Waggin’ we are husband and wife; John and Jane Pollard-Gardner, we live in Acomb where we both grew up.

Most of our lives we have had family pets, dogs, cats, rabbits, budgies, fish ETC.
The list goes on and on, and virtually all our married life we have had a family dog as our three children were growing up.

In about 2005 Jane took a job as a dog walker, a position she came to love, which gave her the idea to go it alone,
that was back in 2015 when she created Tails a Waggin’ which went from strength to strength,
so much so that in 2017 John decided to join her after 37 years in heavy industry. A career move he has never regretted.

We both have a deep love of all animals, particularly family pets.

Jane Pollard-Gardner

Contact us:

Email: tailsawagginpetservices@gmail.com
Mobile: 07719 452077

John Pollard-Gardner

Contact us:

Email: johncpollardgardner@gmail.com
Mobile: 07548 907588